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In the crazy days of new motherhood, I was worried that I would forget how tiny my daughter was, when she first smiled, and how exhausted yet exhilarated I was. So I began to write a journal about her. As time went on, I found that motherhood was an inspiring topic for my poetry, fiction and non fiction.


Toronto Star

My provocative essay “what are they” published in the Toronto Star about biracial children caused quite a stir and stimulated a lot of letters to the editor. Read “What Are They?”.

CBC Radio One

My essay about prenatal testing was broadcast on CBC Radio One. The program aired on the day I returned home from the hospital with my newborn son. Listen to “Testing, Testing”

Canadian Living

While I was writing my book Baby for Beginners, I starting writing non fiction articles on motherhood. I wrote the article “Endings and Beginnings” because I felt quite sad about weaning my son, my last child. This essay was published on