I am a Toronto writer of fiction, poetry and non-fiction.

My current work-in-progress, Destruction in Paradise: a Toronto Island Mystery features a six-foot policewoman stationed on Toronto Island in 1968. This book was completed under the mentorship of Canadian writer Marina Endicott through the Diaspora Dialogues program.

Destruction in Paradise was inspired by my father's stories about policing the Island in the 1960's. I've had great fun interviewing veteran female officers as well as long-time Toronto Islanders while researching my book. This book is the first in a series of Toronto Island mysteries.

I hope to have Destruction in Paradise out soon!

My Toronto Island Mystery

My Toronto Island mystery is a finalist for the Crime Writers of Canada Arthur Ellis Award for best unpublished crime fiction. The w1nner is to be chosen May 24th.

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My Essay on Sidewalk Etiquette

My personal essay on sidewalk etiquette was published In April in THE GLOBE AND MAIL and also mentioned my essay on The View.

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